Sunday, November 27, 2016

Are You Ready for CHRISTmas?

Most of us who celebrate Christmas have asked (or been asked) the question: “Are you ready for Christmas?” What it usually implies is whether or not we are caught up on our Christmas shopping, or whether or not we have our Christmas tree and house decorations on display yet. The answer, however, really depends on the individual’s perspective of the season and the family traditions that they may follow.

In our home, Derick and I are creatures of habit. Each year we pull out the same old strings of multi-colored lights. And each year, it never fails, there’s bound to be one or two (sometimes more) burnt out bulbs on any given string. Derick is convinced that they add character to the illumination and reminds me that life isn’t perfect. From an analogy perspective, I tend to agree. Because these multi-colored lights that are randomly hanging in their imperfect splendor remind me of our wonderful Nation, Canada; a nation with a broad ancestral pool, diverse in many different cultures, and, for the most part, functioning as one race; the human race. We are not a perfect nation, per say. But we do tend to embrace each other’s differences and are known as a Nation that radiates kindness toward one another.  

These multi-colored lights that connect each other to a power source also remind me of a hopeful future, a reminder that as different as we are, we are all created equal under God. And if we work together, we can connect one another to the power source of His love. 

If you are fortunate enough to represent one of the brightly lit bulbs this year, feel blessed. And remember to be the light that illuminates the burnt out bulb beside you. Perhaps for them this year, they are mourning the loss of a loved one. Or perhaps it’s their first Christmas of being all alone. Or perhaps they have lost their job and are now struggling to get by. Whatever the reason, be open to reaching out. Let your light shine. In doing so, you will capture the beauty of the CHRISTmas light, the One who can illuminate us all.