Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Blank Sign

During the month of August, Derick and I took a road trip to the east coast of Canada.

Travelling to the East Coast is always an exciting time. We not only get to reunite with family but to also embrace the Maritime spirit of our youth. 

Before we could reach the laid back atmosphere of Atlantic Canada, however, we would have to navigate our way through Montreal, which caused some fear and anxiety because of the heavy city traffic. Then we heard of a new highway (auto-route 30) bypassing the city. So, we ignored the GPS, threw caution to the wind, and ventured into unknown territory.

We were no more than five minutes onto this new auto-route when we came upon a massive, green, blank sign, which spanned all three lanes.

I thought about this blank sign and how it resembles birth, how we are born with a clean slate, innocent to the many treacherous roads we merge on and off as we navigate through life. And what I have learnt through my own experiences, at times, is that these roads have filled my slate with mixed directions. 

But thankfully—twelve years ago—Christ wiped my slate clean again. And through His forgiveness, He has given me a new beginning.

Maybe life hasn’t turn out the way you hoped.

Are you longing for a new beginning?

If so, find the lane that fits God’s plan for you and venture out into unknown territory. You were created for a purpose. And with Christ as your GPS, the map of your life will always be updated for the lane you find yourself in. Even if it’s “a road less travelled.” Christ will bring you to your destination with the beauty of His message still intact, because His message reassures us that we are all loved individuals, with hidden talents, waiting to be explored.

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